CAT-12 Ultra-High Speed Broadband Backhaul Chipset

Altair’s ALT4800 features 8 RX antennas and is ideal for very high-speed, high-capacity access applications including fixed broadband Wi-Fi routers and gateways, as well as small-cells with a high-speed backhaul link.
The ALT4800 features an LTE modem SoC that supports CAT-12 throughputs of 600Mbps downlink and 150 Mbps uplink, Release 11 features, and a high performance MCU subsystem.
The chipset incorporates state-of-the-art technologies such as MIMO decoding of up to 8×4 using Altair’s proprietary INCA™ interference cancellation, doubling LTE cell throughput. ALT4800 supports up to 3 carrier aggregation, and 4×4 MIMO decoding and beamforming in the uplink.
The ALT4800 modem implements 8x 20 MHz receive chains and 4x 20 MHz transmit chains.
In addition, the ALT4800 integrates an embedded network processor with a Linux operating system intended for OEM application development.



  • CAT-12, 600 Mbps DL / 150 Mbps UL
  • Release 11 with advanced features including TM9/10, CSI-RS, CoMP, eICIC, feICIC, Adv-Rx, ePDCCH


  • Near-MLD MIMO decoder
  • Altair’s proprietary INCA™ interference cancellation
  • DL MIMO modes: single carrier 4×8 MIMO, 2CA 4×4 MIMO, 3CA 4×2 MIMO
  • UL modes: single carrier with single/dual/quad TX, dual carrier with single TX, beamforming
  • Contiguous and non-contiguous CA
  • FDD and TDD


  • Embedded Network Processor
  • Multi standard security engine
  • Integrated Analog Front-End (AFE)
  • On-chip PLL supporting TCXO and clock inputs


  • 2x SD/SDIO3.0/eMMC master, 2x SPI, RMII/RGMII/MDIO, HS USB2.0 OTG with integrated PHY, HSIC, 2x audio PCM/I2S

RF Transceiver

  • ALT6300 multiband TDD/FDD RF transceiver