System integration and validation engineer

As an integration engineer you will be responsible for verifying the firmware and hardware implementation of the Cellular IoT modem, making sure it is compliant with the 3GPP standard and other product specifications. You will be developing the test environments and scripts, analyzing the device and its firmware behavior and identifying issues. You are ultimately responsible for the modem software stack quality and conformity.

You are very experienced in developing test scripts on numerous base station emulators like the Anritsu 8430A or R&S CMW500. If your role is to develop PHY scripts, then you know very well how the PHY mechanisms are operating on both UE and Base station side and capable of developing test scripts that validate basic and advanced functionality on PHY side like random access, cell search and measurements, receive, transmit, timing alignment, power control, HARQ etc. If your role is to develop L3 scripts, then you perfectly know how the LTE RRC layer is defined and you can develop procedural tests like network registration, handovers and re-selections.

You know how to define, develop and organize test campaigns and automations. You are familiar with eNodeB emulator test environments like the Anritsu RTD or the Anite DT, familiar with Python scripts

Being an expert on 3GPP L1 and/or L2/L3 specification and test requirements, you view the device as ‘white box’. You have deep understanding of the logs and diagnostic information generated by the modem, you are capable of analyzing them and pin-pointing issues. When the solution is undergoing interoperability and field tests and later on when customers deploying it, you play a key role in issue reproduction in the lab, analysis and debugging.

The platform you will be working is on Altair’s newest chipset, designed especially for the IoT market, highly integrated and consuming super low power. The core technology you will be testing is completely new and exciting!



  • Integrating, testing and debugging new functions in LTE protocol stack
  • Developing core-modem cellular IoT test scripts on eNodeB emulators
  • Identifying and debugging issues at the system level
  • Developing test campaigns and automated test environment



  • BSC or MSC in computer science or applied mathematics or electrical engineering
  • At least 7 years’ experience in 3GPP Protocol Stack integration and testing of cellular modems (2G/3G/4G/5G), either data plane, control plane (signaling) or both (preferred). Hands on developing test scripts of MAC, RLC (data plane) and/or RRC, NAS (control plane)
  • Experience in mapping 3GPP and ETSI cellular specs and/or other standards (like OMA) into test requirements and test plans
  • Rich experience in developing test scripts for eNode emulators like Anritsu 8430A, CMW500 or Anite9000
  • All-around player, capable of understanding and even functioning at multiple layers of the solution (from PHY thru L2/L3 and up to networking)
  • Experience in developing automated tests using Python or other scripting language, as well as utilizing standard eNodeB emulators environments
  • Excellent engineering skills – problem solving, pragmatic approach, broad system view – must
  • Good communication skills (oral and in writing) in English
  • Willingness to travel occasionally


The position is located in Oulu, Finland

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