Raspberry Pi 3 Snags LTE Support with Help of New Add-on Chip

Agam Shah An Altair LTE Category-1 chipset will attach to the top of the Raspberry Pi 3 board for long-distance communications Raspberry Pi 3 today has only Wi-Fi connectivity, but soon it will also be able to handle low-throughput cellular communications and let users control devices over long distances. Altair has completed testing of its […]

Verizon, AT&T Both Claim LTE Cat M Firsts for Internet of Things

By Monica Alleven The race to commercialize LTE Cat-M1 is on, with both AT&T and Verizon declaring firsts as they try to outmaneuver the other in wooing customers to their cellular standards-based technology for the Internet of Things. Last week, Verizon announced that it completed what it believes to be the world’s first live, over-the-air […]

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Reader Forum: Myths and Trends in Cellular IoT

By Eran Eshed, VP of WW Sales and Marketing, Altair Semiconductor Confused by the various categories of cellular IoT connection options? Altair looks to provide some clarity Recent developments in standards and changes in terminology have made cellular “internet of things” confusing for many, even industry professionals. The confusion about the different technologies isn’t surprising […]

Altair Snags Japanese Certification for 4G LTE

By Ken Briodagh Altair Semiconductor, a provider of LTE chipsets, recently announced that its FourGee-3800 chipset has successfully completed a chipset Interoperability Test on the NTT DOCOMO network in Japan. NTT is Japan’s largest mobile services provider.   Altair has previously secured certifications from AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Korea Telecom. “Providing LTE service for M2M applications […]

LTE gets ready to fight against proprietary tech for the IoT

By Monica Alleven While cellular-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are still being finalized in the standards process, non-cellular solutions like those promoted by Ingenu, Sigfox and members of the LoRa Alliance are catching a bit of a break. These companies and others are expanding their low power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies, and they’ve […]

Altair Semiconductor: On the Sony acquisition and sustainable IoT

MWC It is safe to say that the critical buzz around chip and LTE technology provider Altair Semiconductor has rarely been higher. Three weeks after the news broke that Altair was to be acquired by Sony for upwards of $212m (£148m), Eran Eshed, co-founder and VP marketing at Altair, sees it as the “ultimate validation” of Altair’s 10 year vision.

Chipsets Driving IoT Adoption in Industrial, Consumer Markets

HetNet Happenings Episode 45 looks at chipsets with Altair Semiconductor, Imagination Technologies and Nvidia By Sean Kinney The 2016 CES event placed a huge emphasis on the “Internet of Things” and how IoT technology is poised to revolutionize consumer, enterprise and industrial markets. But the problem with CES (because there’s only one) is the technology […]

Single-mode LTE chips Trends in single-mode LTE chips: Q&A with Altair

With the emergence of the “Internet of Things” ecosystem, single-mode LTE chips have gained momentum beyond broadband connectivity. Altair Semiconductor has been focusing on single-mode LTE chips for more than a decade and recently opened a new research and development center in Taiwan.

Altair’s Cat-1 LTE Chips to Enable New Use Cases

By Diana Goovaerts LAS VEGAS – A new Cat-1 LTE chip from Israeli start-up Altair Semiconductor will help open doors to new Internet of Things (IoT) use cases, the company’s co-founder Eran Eshed told Wireless Week in a Thursday interview at CES 2016. Eshed said the chip is the first in a new product line that […]

LPWA vs LTE: the differences explained

By Sheetal Kumbhar As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes larger and larger, the list of communications protocols vying to power the extensive wireless wide area networks (WAN) that the infrastructure will require grows both longer and more complex. And the typical alphabet soup that tends to take shape in all areas of technology can […]

AT&T, Ericsson to Demo 10-year IoT Battery Life

By Joey Jackson Battery life has become an increasing concern with the growth of the “Internet of Things.” Many IoT devices are not located near a battery source, so they need long-lasting batteries to make them viable parts of the IoT ecosystem. Ericsson and AT&T teamed up with chipmaker Altair to address the IoT battery life issue, […]

Cellular Simplifies its IoT Road Map

The Category 0 option for 4G LTE cellular has fallen to the pruner’s shears. It is the latest alternative to be weeded out of the road map for low power cellular that had become overcrowded in the race to network the world for the Internet of Things.

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