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MWC 2014: When Is a Tablet Not Just a Tablet?

Having recently spent a few days at MWC, where Altair was inundated with meetings upon meetings with carriers, infrastructure vendors, hardware manufacturers and others, there are two major takeaways I was able to see. First, the success of the Verizon Ellipsis 7 tablet is an absolute market-maker. I wrote recently about how we felt the Read full article...
Mar 19, 2014

No Time to Sit Back and Relax

In the hi-tech industry, a major deal can make all the difference for a company. A big manufacturer decides to deploy your chipset, and certain companies could just stand by and count the money as it rolls in. Of course, in the mobile industry, things are not so simple. We have to fight every single Read full article...
Feb 3, 2014

Remain Calm At All Times

Normally, we at Altair try to remain calm, even when positive things are happening for us in the market. We have a bunch of industry firsts, and our flagship FourGee product... Read full article...
Dec 23, 2013

Fine China

You may remember that, when I recently wrote about the state of affairs for LTE in China, I had talked about the intense, large-scale trials that were going on in that market. I recently took a trip to China and was blown away almost immediately by what I saw there. While the trials are still Read full article...
Nov 10, 2013

They’ve Fallen, But Can They Get Up?

Is it possible to win a world-class race if you fall down? Logic would dictate that it’s not. After all, every participant has trained for months, if not years, for that one single race. So if one person falls, it’s not possible to catch up in time to overtake the rest of the field, which Read full article...
Aug 15, 2013

I Want Quiet!

There’s a classic cartoon I remember from my childhood. It was really one of my favorites.  It involves a bear who is trying to hibernate, and a dog who is trying to get another dog to make noise, hoping that the bear will beat up on him for not keeping quiet. Take a look at Read full article...
Jul 1, 2013

Around the World in Nine Blog Posts – Post 8 – China

Our next stop finds us in China.  Considering it is the most populated country on the planet, with approximately 1.2 billion inhabitants, China is worth our attention based on numbers alone. So what’s happening in China right now with LTE?  Well, currently, China Mobile (CMCC) is in the pre-commercial trial stage.  Its large-scale trial (LST) Read full article...
May 1, 2013

MWC Review – Who Moved My Cheese

With most situations that require analysis, there is the “macro” and the “micro.” For example, if you are having trouble with your business, there is the macro: What are the larger economic dynamics at play at the time you are reviewing the situation; and there is the micro: How are you running your business? Another Read full article...
Mar 19, 2013

A Good Kind of Noise – CES 2013

Trade shows are noisy. They’re noisy both literally and figuratively. Vendors are trying as hard as they can to lure show-goers into their booths by making literal noise. And industry players are hoping to achieve a bit of mindshare at the events by announcing exciting things … or at least by announcing things in an Read full article...
Jan 23, 2013

Going to Extremes

I was once told that if you are invited to a wedding that requires travel – even for a close relative – you should think about perhaps not attending, and instead taking even 50% of the money you would have spent on travel and lodging, and putting it toward a nicer gift for the bride Read full article...
Dec 24, 2012

Around the World in Nine Blog Posts – Post 7 – India

When it comes to LTE, there may be no market as fascinating to observe as India. First, it’s a huge market, and anyone who is going to be involved there will be involved in a BIG way. Second, pricing is a major issue. The pressure to keep costs/prices low is based on necessity. Simply put, Read full article...
Dec 3, 2012

Around the World in Nine Blog Posts – Post 6 – Japan

In virtually every market we have discussed (and will discuss), there are several key factors that are determining the market’s adoption of LTE: Regulatory implementation Operator speed of 4G network deployment and device availability Subscriber/User willingness to move to 4G Those three issues have driven the markets. But Japan is different. And before I discuss Read full article...
Oct 21, 2012
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