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Wearables: Not Just for Humans Anymore

4G LTE is not only great for humans; it’s great for pets as well! Smart collars and other types of wearable technology allow pet owners to better connect with (or better understand) their animal friends. Read full article...
Aug 26, 2015

Five Superheroes Already Using the IoT

Superhuman strength? Sure! Lightning-quick speed? Certainly! But let’s not forget the other advantage that many of these heroes share – access to amazing technology. In fact, many of these fictional adventurers use what are essentially Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Here are just a few superheroes already leveraging some amazing connected technology... Read full article...
Aug 19, 2015
road trip

Are We There Yet? No, and it Doesn’t Matter

Family vacations can be a wonderful bonding experience and a way to create memories that last a lifetime. But getting to the desired location isn’t always such a joy. The constant commotion from the backseat can become a strain after just five minutes, let alone five hours. However, 4G LTE connectivity in cars is changing the game for parents. Read full article...
Aug 11, 2015

Smart Meters Curb Drought Problems in California

To combat the water shortage, California officials have turned to innovative M2M technology, particularly smart meters, to better regulate and monitor water usage throughout the state. Unlike traditional water meters, which essentially provide a running tally each month of how much water is used, smart meters can provide an updated total every few minutes. Read full article...
Aug 3, 2015

Yes, You Heard Right—The Smart Backpack Is Here!

While wearable innovations like smart backpacks, connected hearing aids, smart jewelry and IoT-enabled running shoes might have seemed like science fiction even a few years ago, these products are all either readily available or will be soon. Read full article...
Jul 22, 2015

The IoT Makes Sci-Fi Technology Possible

Growing up as children in the ’70s and ’80s, “The Jetsons” sci-fi cartoon program embodied our vision of how the future would be, and it was nothing less than exhilarating. Now with the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT), our childhood fantasies about the future are becoming a reality. Just as today our smartphones Read full article...
Jul 6, 2015

Global LTE by the Numbers

The Internet of Things (IoT) can change billions of lives for the better and that LTE—due to its ubiquity, low cost per bit, low power consumption and ecosystem support — will be a key driver for the IoT. Read full article...
Jul 1, 2015

The IoT Market Is Too Big to Fathom

The numbers are officially getting crazy. Recently, Machina Research released a study estimating that the Internet of Things (IoT) global market will reach $4.3 trillion (yes that is trillion, spelled with a ‘T’) by 2024. While that sum of money is certainly impressive in print, it begins to feel surreal if you try to think about it practically. Read full article...
Jun 22, 2015

IoT is for Everyone

Many are under the impression that the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about infrastructure and devices. And certainly, those two components of the ecosystem are key. After all, without communications systems and devices, there is no “I” and there is no “T.” IoT is not simply the plumbing/foundation of where the world is going. It IS where the world is going. Read full article...
Jun 18, 2015

What Wearables Can Do for Child Safety

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: You turn around for one minute in the grocery store or airport and when you look back your child is no longer in sight. Adrenaline makes your heart race as your mind fills with fearful thoughts for your child’s safety. How big of a problem is child safety in the Read full article...
Jun 15, 2015

Smart Liquor? Johnnie Walker Embraces the IoT

Just when you thought the Internet of Things (IoT) couldn’t get any cooler, it has found its way into the world of fine liquor. Yes, the IoT is now being paired with Johnnie Walker’s premium Blue Label Scotch whisky, among the finest and most expensive whisky blends in the world. Diageo, the British alcoholic beverages Read full article...
Jun 10, 2015

The Year of the Smart Watch

Around this time last year, I wrote a post titled “These Smart Watches Better Sell” for this blog. It was a short piece with a simple message: A lot of time and money had been invested in the development of these devices, and sales would be a good indicator of how the smart watch market—and Read full article...
May 27, 2015
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